C.I.A.G.: "The origin of the giants is to be found in ancient religious ceremonies in which they appear to show, above the head of the present and thus magnify, to "divine personage" or "god" that represent with his image, while they did this with the ritual dances."




Signed letter of intent and recognition with the Government of Costa Rica

Visit Costa Rica Giants of Torroella de Montgrí

Presentation of Giants for children

Marca España supports the common culture of the giants and bigheads

New delivery: 10 carnivals with giants

We started the series "10"

Exchanges, a new service of Circle

Albert Om says if the Circle

Institutional presence in Bergen op Zoom (Netherlands)

Eurogiants: The project officially gets underway

Institutional visit to Steenvoorde (Pas de Calais-France)

Born Eurogiants

Signature of the "Halle Agreements"