Institutional presence in Bergen op Zoom (Netherlands)

On 16 and 17 June under the theme "With boots of seven leagues over 800 year history of the city", more than 70 European giants were found in Bergen op Zoom (Netherlands) to celebrate the 800th anniversary of its privileges as a city and the 25th anniversary of the creation and the wedding of your giants.

Among the cultural events that were held included the Conference on the culture of the giants of the 17 in the morning with the intervention of Paul Spapens spoke of the collaboration between federations of giant Dutch, Flemish and Spanish.

The celebration ended with a grand parade of all the giants through the streets of the old part of Bergen op Zoom which was followed by many public along its entire length.

The International Circle of Friends of the Giants, he was invited by the Dutch federation, was present delegating representation Adrià Serrat and Carme Simó had already planned the trip before.