Born Eurogiants

On Saturday the 28th of January 2012 three federations of giants came to Halle (Belgium) to discuss how they could promote and preserve the unique culture and heritage of giants in Europe.

El Circulo Internacional de Amigos de los Gigantes, Reuzenfederatie Nederland and Reuzen in Vlaanderen vzw, each represented by their respective presidents Jaume López, Paul Spapens and Johan Vencken, signed their engagement to work together and decided to proceed towards the foundation of the European Confederation of Giants.

On May 6th all presidents will be joined again in a reunion in Barcelona to determine the further steps of the foundation.

Last sunday, February 26th, the Federation “Coordinadora de Colles de Geganters i Grups de Grallers de les Comarques Meridionals de Catalunya” (coordinating Group porters Giants and Groups Music of the Southern Counties of Catalonia) held her assembly. The federation is based in Riudoms (Province of Tarragona – Catalonia – Spain).

Jaume Lopez, President of CIAG, presented the project of the European Confederation of Giants and he invited the Federation to join the project as a founding member.

The assembly voted on the proposal which was adopted unanimously and by which they becomes fourth member of the project.