Signature of the "Halle Agreements"

On January 28 took place in the city of the Flemish town of Halle the official ceremony of signing of the agreement recently reached by the circle with the Federation of Dutch giants on the one hand, and the Flemish and Brussels by the another, and the appointment of Mr. Johan Vencken Circle Delegate for all Belgium and compared to the European Community Organismoos.

In the event were representatives from our Board, as well as personalities from the world of flemish and folklore giants to which was added an important representation of the Dutch Federation of the figures.

Before the official ceremony took place a very long and positive meeting between the three delegations that were treated in the initial topics of common interest and others are raised further, to develop at European level over the coming months.

Later, in the City, we proceeded to the act of signing the documents, with the presence of the mayor and numerous media.

It is anticipated that in the months of April or May will be held in Barcelona next meeting, expected to have the presence of other representations.