Partnership Agreement with the Federation of Flanders and Brussels Giants

2 th of November 2011

REUZEN IN VLAANDEREN vzw (Giants of Flanders) and el CIRCULO INTERNACIONAL DE AMIGOS DE LOS GIGANTES (International Circle of Friends of Giants) joined forces in a partnership to preserve and promote the culture and tradition of giants. REUZEN IN VLAANDEREN vzw or GIANTS OF FLANDERS has been founded 2010 in order to preserve the unique tradition of giants in Flanders and Brussels.

However there where already similar federation in Holland and France, no such federation existed in Flanders, while this region counts more than 1500 giants !

Johan Vencken, president of the city giant of his birth town Halle (Belgium) and Professor Dr. Stefaan Top of the KU-Leuven and president of Volkskunde Vlaanderen vzw to found the Flemish federation together with representatives from the five regions of Flanders.

Together with Volkskunde Vlaanderen vzw, Reuzen in Vlaanderen vzw has setup a giant project to make an inventory of all existing giants of Flanders and their specific traditions.

The provisionary results of the (still ongoing) inventory can be consulted on the website of both Volkskunde Vlaanderen and Reuzen in Vlaanderen vzw.

CIRCULO INTERNACIONAL DE AMIGOS DE LOS GIGANTES or the INTERNATIONAL CIRCLE OF FRIENDS OF GIANT PUPPETS is an organization whose main objective is to get acquainted all those people interested in the giant puppets, bigheaded and other parade figures which exist in 100 countries; from members of its groups, to fans who are passing through institutions, historians, anthropologists, musicians, constructors, etcetera. Its constitution as an Association of international scope has been made possible through the numerous contacts which are maintained with other countries, where the phenomenon of the giant puppets or the bigheaded ones still exists. In the past years the Circle has signed agreements of collaboration with other associations related to the world of the giant puppets, with the objective to walk together in the process of diffusion, investigation, documentation and promotion of the giant puppets and bigheaded anywhere in the world.

REUZEN IN VLAANDEREN AND EL CIRCULO INTERNACIONAL DE AMIGOS DE LOS GIGANTES have mutual interests and goals. Both federations want to preserve the unique tradition of giants, promote participation of giants in parades and processions, promote all festivities with or around giants, stimulate research, documentation and promotion on all aspects related to giants and bigheaded, like construction, preservation, customs, etc… .

Both federations came to a principal agreement to work together on their goals and to share information on the culture and tradition of giants in their specific country and region.

REUZEN IN VLAANDEREN and EL CIRCULO INTERNACIONAL DE AMIGOS DE LOS GIGANTES will join forces to increase the awareness of the European Community on the existence and the uniqueness of the culture of giants in Flanders, Belgium, Europe and all countries worldwide where giants exist.

In the next months delegates of both federations will meet in Spain or in Belgium to discuss and set up the further collaboration.