The Liceu in Barcelona is filled with giants

On October 9 Núria Feliu singer held a concert at the Liceu in Barcelona in commemoration of his 50 years on stage.

In the event he invited many friends and have joined a number personalities of culture, and other worlds in our society, to support a person who always has stood for the defense of the values ​​of our country.

Apart from many colleagues in the profession who were present at the scene, Nuria wanted to enhance their sensitivity towards our traditional culture incorporating the various elements of the same act.

As for the present was 28 giant figures in an activity organized by the Coordinadora de Ciutat Vella, Coordinadora de Barcelona and the Circle.

For part of the Circle there were invited the groups of Vallgorguina, Riudoms Drac d'Or de L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Torroella de Montgrí, Alforja and the Coordinadora de Colles Geganteres i Grups de Gralllers de les Comarques Meridionals de Catalunya.

We hope that the visual impact is represented as a satisfied worldwide giants.

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