We work in a television program

On day 6 took place in the environment "Can Clarens" by Vallgorguina, recording a part of the next edition of the Page 2 of RTVE, scheduled to be issued on Sunday June 26, at 6 afternoon for the second string, and then repeat through the various international channels in this chain.

The peculiarity of this recording, which will have an actual duration of 4 minutes, is that the presentation of the books of the week shall be paid by giants and big heads, in an activity organized by our organization.

The filmmakers were able to choose between different shapes and we can see "reading" to "The Attic Granny" Circle and Antoni Gaudí, Riudoms, besides the big-heads "The Pipes" and "The Bear" models "of Vallgorguina Geganters."

The backdrop will be the "Avi Montassell" and other figures of the same entity. Again the circle takes an occasion to promote the world of giants.