Activities in 2010

January 1: It has the seal number 15 of our series on the giants of the world. In this case is the figure called "The Chapetona" Barva de Heredia (Costa Rica).

January 11: Interview with Mr. Joan Mari, Chief of Staff Directorate for TV3 to propose and study formulas for the promotion and dissemination of the activity of the giants in our country and others.

January 13: Mrs. Carmen Cervera, Baroness Thyssen Bornemisza, tops the list of personalities who make public their support for the work of the Circle, under the so called "Support Group".

January 15: Here is the magazine's 25th CIAG.doc.

January 23: We started the round of interviews with representatives of different political parties in the Catalan Parliament to make them aware of the "Manifesto" that we developed, entitled "Reflections addressed to the society for the recognition of culture traditional and popular element of our national identity (see full text on the following pages) For reasons of agenda the first such meeting was held with representatives of Convergence and Union. Were present in the same Mrs. Àngels Ponsa i Roca, President of the Culture Sector of CDC, and Mrs. Carme Huguet Vidal, Deputy in the Parliament of Catalonia.

January 24: Mrs. Marina Rosell, singer and songwriter, he entered the "Support Group" to our organization.

27 and 28 January: We visit our Delegate in Uruguay, Mr. Benjamin Liberoff, who is also Adviser to the Minister of Sports and Tourism in the country. The purpose of the visit, among other things, is planning a next possible presence of the Circle, with its exhibition material and bands of giants of our country to the Carnival of Montevideo in the near future. For this reason, during your stay in our country, and accompanied by members of the Board of the Circle and the Consulate of Uruguay in Barcelona met with Mr. Ramon Fontdevila Subirana, Director of "Centre of Promotion of Popular Culture i Traditional Catalan of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya ", Mrs. Marta Grau, Head of the South American" Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation, "and Mr. Angel Cortadelles i Bacaria, Director General of Relacions Internacionals of the Department of Vice-Presidency. "

February 1: Leave the seal number 16 which reproduces the known Gigantona of "Xochilt", Leon (Nicaragua).

February 7: Mrs. Núria Feliu, singer and actress, send us their commitment to the "Support Group".

March 1: seal number 17 is published, dedicated to the giant "Guillermo" and "Susana", belonging to the group "El Carrasquizo" of Monzón (Huesca).

March 10: He joined the "Support Group" Circle Mrs. Carme Ruscalleda i Serra, renowned five-star Michelin chef.

March 20: Singer and composer Gerard Quintana informs us of your acceptance to belong to the "Support Group" at the Circle.

March 23: You are going to meet with Mr. Josep Altayó, Head of Culture Initiative Catalunya-Els Verds, which he says and gives the "Manifesto" written by our Organization.

April 1: Distribute the seal number 18, which appears gigantillo known as "Mossèn Alcover" of the Agrupació Gegantera of the Balearic Islands.

April 3: Mr. Pep Bou, actor and mime, made public their commitment to our "Support Group". "

April 8: Held in Barcelona, ​​per first time, a meeting involving the Chairs of the entities of the world of the giants' organizations, to this day, in our country.

April 14: We met with Mr. Josep Maria Sala, Executive Board member of the Catalan Socialist Partit, which reported the contents of our manifesto and is given a copy.

April 15: Exit number 26 CIAG.doc magazine.

April 15: Actor and director Joan Pera also enter the "Support Group" to our organization.

April 17: The Circle involved with the characters in the activities developed around the "Third Meeting of the Giants and Big-heads" of Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia).

April 20: Marc Gene, F1 driver, send us your agreement to be part of the "Support Group" Circle.

April 23: The Circle, along with three other entities in the world of the giants, with their figures involved in the program Josep Cuní "Els Matins" of TV3, within the activities of the National Day of Sant Jordi

April 29: Mrs. Pilarín Bayés, cartoonist, joins the list of people who support our work from the "Support Group"

May 1: With the number 19 spread the stamp dedicated to the "giants crazy" Carnival of Solsona.

May 10: We met with Mrs. Marina Llansana i Rosich, Member of Parlament de Catalunya Catalan Republican Left, "to inform the content of our" Manifesto "and present him with a copy.

May 23: Participation with our giants and big heads in the "1st. Giants and Big-Heads Meeting" held in the town of Sena (Huesca).

June 1: Introducing the seal number 20 with the giant "Rose of Paral.lel" of the Colla de Geganters i Grallers of Poble Sec in Barcelona.

From 18 to June 21: Travel to the town of Chester (England) to participate with our giants in the activities around the "Midsummer Festival" and start conversations with local authorities and the members of the board of local giants loa view to possible future collaborations. July

1: We dedicate the stamp number 21 on giant "Doña Sancha" and "Pedro II, the Catholic," the town of Sena (Huesca).

July 15: Introducing the magazine's 27th CIAG.doc.

August 1: Leave the seal number 22, dedicated to the giants "In Kikus" and "Na Kika", the "Friends Geganters" of Llucmaçanes - Mahon (Menorca Island - Islands).

August 14: Interview with the President of Barcelona Casal de Catalunya in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the ability to plan future activities.

September 1: Publication of the seal number 23, in which you can see the giant "feel" and "Marietta", Alicante.

September 5: Participation in our figures in the "XXV Trobe Gegants" Les Borges Blanques.

September 6: Institutional, in Tarragona, in acts of gigantillo presentation of the "Coordinator of Colles Geganteres i Grups Comarques Grallers of them Meridionals de Catalunya".

September 18: Opening Ceremony Commemorative them to Vallgorguina of the tenth anniversary of our Organization.

September 26: In Barcelona, ​​organization and participation in acts of closing the "giants years."

October 1: This closes the second year of the stamp collection with the number 24, for two of the figures belonging to the city of Chester (England). October 3: Moving to the city of Chester (England) to negotiate with local authorities and representatives of the organization "Chester Giant City" Circle the possible collaboration in various initiatives to develop in that country between 2011 and 2013.

October 15: Inauguration of our exposure in the town of Ontinyent (Alicante), which has remained open until 30th March.

October 15: Exit No.28 CIAG.doc magazine.

October 22: In the city of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania - USA) takes place the ceremony commemorative of the 10th anniversary of the Circle, organized by Cindi Olsman, our Delegate in that country, within the premises of "The Philly's Magic Gardens ".

October 31: Participation in our figures in the "i 5è cabets Gegants Aplec of" the town of Ontinyent (Pais Valencia), a festival held every four years.

27 and November 28: We visit a giant representation of the city of Chester (England) with the objective of moving forward in joint projects, namely an action plan for the triennium 2011-2013.

December 22: It takes place in Olinda (Brazil) the first meeting between our Delegate in this country, Mr. Hilario Nobrega da Cunha, and representatives of the City of Olinda and others connected with the world of the giants in Brazil. The aim of these contacts, which are opened, proposals that make it possible, among others, the presence of giants in the activities related to World Cup 2014, to be held in that country, as well as the Games derio de Janeiro Olympics held in August 2016. Our CEO has given the authorities a briefing about the Circle, made from our country, with the great advantage that people who were interviewed are familiar with our work because of continued relations since the visit with our giants in 2002.

Closing: Over the 12 months research have allowed us to incorporate eight new countries to the list gigantera They are: Bermuda, Burundi, Denmark, Madagascar, Mongolia, Singapore, South Africa and Syria. With them arrived at the figure of 100 countries or territories, with giants.






South African.