Activities in 2009

Junauy 1: Presentation of the third hallmark of our collection dedicated to the giants and big heads of the world, which shows the figure of "Diablo", Cartago (Costa Rica).

January 1: Released by the network number 12 express CIAG.doc digital newsletter.

February 1: Publication of the seal number 4 in the collection, this time dedicated to "Tia Cascas" La Almunia de Doña Godina (Zaragoza).

February 1: Disclosure of the number 13 CIAG.doc express our newsletter.

March 1: Edit the number 22 CIAG.doc magazine.

March 1: Introducing the fifth seal of the collection, being dedicated to the giants Foner and Tanit, the "Agrupació Gegantera of the Balearic Islands."

March 1: Shows the number 14 express CIAG.doc digital newsletter.

March 30: The President of Costa Rica, Mr. Oscar Arias signed an executive agreement stating "cultural interest" the upcoming visit of a giant representation of Costa Rica to Spain, at the invitation of the Organization.

April 18: Participation of our giants in the first meeting conducted in Albalate de Cinca (Huesca).

April 19: Presence of our giants, as guests 22 th meeting, held in Maspujols (Tarragona).

April 19: Interview in Madrid with the directors of the Museum of Carnival in Montevideo to plan future joint activities.

April 24: Presence of our figures in the party of "Fabulario" held in Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona).

May 1: Sending the newsletter number 16 express CIAG.doc

May 1: Presentation of the stamp dedicated to the giants of Alicante, Nicolau and Remediets.

May 24: Participation of our giants, as guests, in the XI th Meeting of Giants the southern regions of Catalonia, held in the town of Mora la Nova (Tarragona).

June 1: Post the number 23 CIAG.doc magazine.

June 1: Introducing the giant stamp dedicated to Antoni Gaudí, of Riudoms, commemorating the tenth anniversary of its release.

June 7: Opened in Belchite (Huesca) our exhibition dedicated to the giants of the world, one of the events of the celebration of "Encuentro de Gigantes de Aragón", organized by the Carrier, friends and music of the giants of Aragon .

June 13: Arrival in Spain, invited by our Organization, an expedition of 32 in Costa Rica, with giants and traditional music of his country, led by a broadly representative government and institutional and participated in various activities and official holiday until the day July 2nd.

June 14: Reception in the City Council of La Llacuna (Barcelona).

June 16: Official reception at District Council Anoia.

June 19: Official Reception in the Provincial de Tarragona.

June 20: Reception in the City Council of Riudoms (Tarragona).

June 20: Conference on the giants of Costa Rica in Riudoms (Tarragona).

June 21: Participation in the meeting held in Riudoms Giants (Tarragona), with the presence of Mr. Ramon will Fontdevila, Director of the Center for the Promotion of Popular and Traditional Catalan Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

June 24: Participation of our giants in the meeting held at l'Estartit (Girona).

June 26: Official reception by the Mr. Treserras Joan Manuel, Minister of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

June 26: Official reception by Mr. Ernest Benach, President of the Parliament of Catalonia.

June 27: Reception at the City of Vallgorguina (Barcelona).

June 28: Participation in the Festival of Giants held in Vallgorguina (Barcelona).

June 28: The act of sponsorship, in Vallgorguina, of giants "The King" and "The Queen" and later donated them to the Carthage College and the masquerade "The Chapetones" the town of Barva de Heredia (Costa Rica).

June 30: Official reception by Mrs. Carme García Lords, CEO of Culture of Barcelona Provincial Council and Mr. Juncà, Honorary Consul of Costa Rica.

July 1: Submission stamp dedicated to the figures known as "The King" and "The Queen".

July 4: Working in Pinhal Novo (Portugal) with the delegates of the Circle of Brazil, Madrid and Portugal.

July 5: Participation of our giants in the meeting conducted in Pinhal Novo (Portugal).

July 15: Introduced the first full collection sheet that we are dedicated to spreading the giants and big heads around the world.

July 21: Interview with our Delegate in Madrid for the magazine "Paradores".

August 1: Posted giant stamp dedicated to the "grandfathers" of Llucmaçanes "l'avi Perico" and "s'àvia Aguedet", the "Colla Geganters of Friends" by Llucmaçanes (Menorca - Balearic Islands).

August 8: Participation of our figures at the 9th Meeting of Giants held in Leganes (Madrid).

September 1: We publish the magazine's 24th CIAG.doc.

Septembre 1: We present the stamp dedicated to the giant "Marty Finkelstein," Cindi Olsman Group, Philadelphia (USA).

September 25: Opened our discussion about the giants of the world in La Almunia de Doña Godina (Zaragoza).

October 1: Posted giant stamp dedicated to "The Mallol Martí" Poboleda (Tarragona).

From October 24 to November 7: Visit of a representation of the Board of the Circle at different locations in Costa Rica and participation in various activities accompanying the Giants of the towns of La Llacuna and El Pla del Penedès (Barcelona).

October 25: Participation in the Meetings of giants made in the towns of Paraiso and Orosi (Costa Rica). Reception in their municipalities.

October 28: Parade in Cartago (Costa Rica) and reception in City Hall.

October 29: Feast of Giants in San Miguel de Terrazú (Costa Rica).

October 29: Conference on the Culture of the Giants in the College of Cartago (Costa Rica).

October 30: Visit and performance in San Jose Casal Català of and participation in the giant party held in Barva de Heredia (Costa Rica). Reception at the Municipality.

October 31: Participation in Cartago (Costa Rica) in the Xth Meeting of the Costa Rican traditional masquerade.

November 1: Participation in the giant party held in the town of Aserrí (Costa Rica).

November 1: Submission stamp depicting the "boneco giant" Barbapapa, belonging to the Carnaval d'Olinda (Brazil).

December 1: Edit the number 25 CIAG.doc magazine.

December 1: Introducing the seal contained a figure D'mba, belonging to the tribes Sussu, Guinea Conakry.




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