Activities in 2008

Thanks to the works of documentation of our investigators, throughout this year the number of countries with giant happens from 80 to 90.

Therefore they are gotten up to the list: Coast of Ivory, Slovenia, Estonia, Gambia, Iceland, Israel, Malta, Sierra Leone, Togo and Vanuatu.

4 of January: The container arrives from Costa Rica that transports to the giants of groups which they went to participate in Encounter of Giants in that one country, at the end of October and first of November of 2007.

10 of February: The page appears Web, dedicated to the giants of Galicia, and that is coordinated by our Delegate in that one Community, Mr. Julio González Montañés.

24 of February: Number 17 appears of the CIAG.doc magazine.

6 of March: The page appears Web, realised jointly with the University School of Carthage, in which they are catalogued the figures of giants in Costa Rica.

29 of March: A meeting of work between members of the Board of directors, our Delegate in the Community, Mr. Ramon Alvarez, and the partners of the Circle in the same is held in Madrid, in order to plan future activities.

2 of April: We publish number 18 of the CIAG.doc magazine.

9 of April: Presented the book dedicated to the giants in the Valencian Community, published by the Comparsa de Gigantes de Ontinyent, and in which the Circle has contributed the international vision of these figures.

10 of May: The first number appears " CIAG.doc express" the new digital news bulletin of the Circle. One spreads exclusively through the network and in four different languages.

18 of May: We spread number 2 of the bulletin.

2 of June: We present our exhibition in the Locality of the Llacuna (Barcelona).

3 of June: We distribute number 3 of our informative

6 of June: Inaugurated in Pinhal Novo (Portugal) our Exhibition on the Giants in the World, within the acts of celebration of the anniversary Xº of the group " Bardoada".

10 of June: Appointment of Mr. Josep Antoni Bas, President of the Comparsa de Ontinyent, like our Delegate in the Valencian Community.

10 of June: We distribute by the network number 4 of the bulletin.

12 of June: Appointment of Mr. Antonio Graça like Delegate of the Circle in Portugal.

From the 21 to the 23 of June: In Barcelona: Collaboration in the acts dedicated to the Traditional Culture.

From the 27 to the 30 of June: Table of Work in Salento (Colombia) on the present situation of the giants in that one country. Organized by our Delegate in Colombia.

2 of July: Inauguration in Saragossa of the Exhibition "The Dance of the different ones: Giants, bigheaded and others figures" , in charge of the Area of Culture of the City council of that one city. In the same the Circle has taken responsibility of the international slope of the world of the giants.

5 of July: We inform into the most recent activities in the bulletin number 5 of

12 of July: Presented number 19 of the CIAG.doc magazine

1 of August: We spread to number 6 of the informative CIAG.doc digitalis express.

29 of August: We publish number 7 of CIAG.doc express.

14 of September: Signature in the Agreement of Collaboration with the Grouping of Comparsas de Gigantes of the Balearic Islands.

14 of September: Celebration of Presentation of the Giants of Costa Rica.

1 of October: Presented number 20 of the CIAG.doc magazine

6 of October: We spread to number 8 of our informative CIAG.doc digitalis express.

31 of October: We distribute to number 9 of the informative CIAG.doc express.

1 of November: We present the first seal of the customized series dedicated to the bigheaded and giants of the world.

4 of November: We send number 10 of our informative digitalis

14 of November: Meeting between members of the Board of directors of the Circle and the Agrupacio de Colles de Geganters de Catalonia, with its Presidents to the front, with the purpose of to standardize the relations between the two Organizations.

22 of November: Appointment of Mrs. Cindi Olsman like our Delegate in the United States.

27 of November: Presentation of the book " The Dance of the Different ones,… " , published in Saragossa, and in which our Organization has collaborated.

1 of December: We distribute number 11 of the informative

1 of December: We present the seal number 2 of our collection, dedicated to the bigheaded and giants in the world.

13 and 14 of December: Participation in the Celebration of Giants realised in the Sanctuary of Lluc (Island of Majorca) on the occasion of 125º anniversary of the Coronation of the Virgin of Lluc.

29 of December: We present/display number 21 of the CIAG.doc magazine




Berga (Spain).



Puerto Rico.