Activities in 2006

Throughout the year 2006 our Organization has been present in different places and has developed diverse activities:

- Participation in the Celebration of the "Fabulario", in Hospitalet de Llobregat (Catalunya - Spain).

- Participation and official reception in "Encuentro de Gigantes" conducted in Steenvoorde (Pas de Calais - France).

- Collaboration in the works of organization of the first Encounter of Giants carried out in Madrid (Spain) and participation in the same one.

- Official presence in the "Encounter of Giants" of Logroño (the Rioja- Spain).

- Design and assembly of the new acquired elements to present/display the exhibition of our documentary and graphical bottom on the giants in the world

- Participation in the activities of the "Encounter of Giants of Aragón", carried out in Gallur (Zaragoza - Spain) and presentation during 10 days of our Exhibition on the world of the giants.

- Presentation of the new page Web of the Organization.

- The Circle participates with stand in the Fair of Spectacles by celebrated Traditional Root in Manresa (Catalunya - Spain).

- The C.I.A.G. it is admitted like partner in the Organization "Hispania Nostra".

- The Organization enters to comprise of the "Latin American Network of the Cultural Patrimony".

- Throughout the year new partners coming from Spain, England, Belgium, Portugal, Germany and the United States enter in the Circle.

- In the course of the year the Board of directors of the Organization holds numerous meetings with representatives of Organisms deprived public and with views to future performances.