The European giants come to America

That said, it is understood that the procession of Corpus becomes "universal" and that his celebration was very popular.

And for this very reason, evolving into a fashion show by the ruling classes, structured so that it involves all the social elements, and how could it be otherwise, the representation of civil society, religious and military .

This remarkable introduction coincides with the European presence in America, where all kinds of items landed interested in dominating the Indians and convert them to the "true faith".

It is therefore not surprising that, along with the soldiers and the clergy, landed in that continent the Corpus Christi procession, as one more element to the show and ostentation of the new power, ... and with it the giants. In this way, and it is documented that the giant march in the procession of the year 1530 in the city of Mexico and Guatemala "in the late sixteenth century" in Santiago, Chile or the year 1686 .....

But the truth is that, within this universal phenomenon are the giants, to be sure that these figures were already present when the first Europeans landed there since very remote references, for example, the figures "Shalako" of the Hopi Indians, the figure referred to as "Palla" of some tribes of Ecuador or carrying Saraguro Indians in the south of this country.