Circle Delegates

Appointment of Delegates worldwide

The Board of the Circle is one of its main objectives to get to extend their relationship for the 101 countries or territories in which there is documented giants, and the highest possible level, ie if there are organizations composed of Giants , all the better (this is the case of agreements with associations, for example, Catalonia, Aragon, Costa Rica, Holland, Flade or Nicaragua).

But not always possible to reach agreements with these structures, why do not exist or for other reasons why the Board of the Circle has decided to create the figure of the "Delegations" as a first gear connection between the environment of the giants and our organization.

For this reason we have asked people linked to the giants who agree to conduct this work, be our eyes and our voice in its field.

So far have agreed to be our delegates:

Mr. Alejandro Moreno (Canary Islands - Spain).

Ms. Matilde Romagosa (Germany).

Ms. Claudia Monsalve (Ecuador).

Mr. Benjamin Liberoff (Uruguay).

Mr. Hilario Nobrega (Brazil).

Ms. Gladys Quintero (Colombia).

Mr. Julio Gonzalez (Galicia - Spain).

Mr. Ramon Alvarez (Madrid - Spain).

Ms. Ana Lucia Fernandez (Argentina).

Mr. Michel Sansen (France).

Mr. Jose Antonio Bas Francés (Pais Valencia - Spain).

Mr. António Graça (Portugal).

Ms. Cindi Olsman (USA).

Mr. Yevgeniy Kalutskiy (Russia).

Mr. Johan Vencken (Bodies of the European Community and Belgium).


Papua-New Guinea.



Santurze (Spain).