We present the personalities that make up the "Support Group" at the Circle

We present the personalities that make up the "Support Group" at the Circle The "Support Group" to our organization is made ​​up of renowned personalities who have agreed to support our folk culture, and within the activities of the International Circle of Friends of the Giants and its international projection.

This group of individuals is not yet closed and it is expected that over the next few months will be incorporated into other personalities.

We are confident that this support will help us achieve our goals, which pass, primarily by bringing even more to the general public this side of culture and, especially, the giants, big heads and other figures around the world cover .

At the time of publishing this information the Support Group is formed by the following persons (in order of their accession):

Ms. Carmen Cervera - Baroness Thyssen-Bornemisza.

Ms. Carme Ruscalleda - five-star Michelin chef. Ms.

Ms. Núria Feliu - singer and actress.

Ms. Marina Rosell - singer and songwriter.

Mr. Gerard Quintana - singer and songwriter.

Mr. Pep Bou - mime and actor.

Mr. Marc Gene - Formula 1 driver.

Mr. Joan Pera - actor.

Ms. Pilarín Bayés - cartoonist.

Mr. Enric Majó - actor.

Mr. Luis Cobos - composer and conductor orquestra.

Mr. Òscar Dalmau - comunicator.

Mr. Albert Om - journalist and presenter.

Mr. Pep Bou.
Mr. Marc Gené.
Mr. Joan Pera.

Ms. Pilarín Bayés.

Mr. Enric Majó.
Mr. Luis Cobos.
Mr. Òscar Dalmau.
Mr. Albert Om.




Ms. Carmen Cervera - Baroness Thyssen Bornemisza.


Ms. Carme Ruscalleda.


Ms. Núria Feliu.


Ms. Marina Rosell.


Mr. Gerard Quintana.