What is the "Circle"?

The Circle is an organization whose main objective is to unite all those interested in our giants, bigheads and other figures of parade troupes from members to supporters, through institutions, musicians, builders, historians, anthropologists, photographers specialized and so on. Its constitution and international association made ​​possible by the numerous contacts with individuals and entities from other countries where the phenomenon of giant and / or reproduced bigheaded, with a special emphasis to Latin American countries.

Activities carried out /as a meeting purporting to be from all who love these pieces, the Circle is an organization that promotes the study and dissemination and exchange of knowledge and relationships among its members. Members have the right to receive any information and publicize those considering may be of general interest through the journal of the Institution, referred CIAG.doc.

Knowledge of the next encounters or outflows of giants, advice on organizational tasks of activities related to the environment, information on the construction of new figures, participation in common activities (exhibitions, documentaries, parties, conferences, publishing jobs, ...) are some of the possibilities available to them. The spirit of service and interaction among all its partners are the main factors that define our identity.


Giant of the temples of Taiwan.