The world of the giants in four lines

Giants and / or bigheads are located in a total of 101 countries and territories worldwide.

Currently the environment reaches a wide range of social contexts and can be found, for example, in units of holiday or other exclusively religious type.

The origin of the giants is not unique, since they are born in different parts of the world isolated from each other, but very possibly in all related rituals or initiation ceremonies.

One of these ancient ceremonies - the tribes of the Makishi (Zambia) - was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the same year that "Patum" in Berga.

He had the presence of giant figures, for example, in classical Rome, the grasslands of the American Indians of the fourteenth century or the fifteenth century Africa.

Before the founding, in 2001, our organization within the environment of our country gigantero barely knew twenty-five nations, many European giants. To reach the current figure of 101 countries on five continents, has been a research and documentation carried out by the International Circle of Friends of the Giants.

The phenomenon of giant so intensely lived in our country is not their sole or limited only to Europe.

There are several places in the world where popular sentiment is as strong, even Giants concentrations around the world who are equally or more populous than those in Spain.

However, the majority ignorance of this fact prevents us realize that these figures are the manifestation of Popular and Traditional Culture more widespread throughout the world and can be measured in its proper dimension.

In Spain there are seven independent Giant Groups organizations with a distinct range (Balearic Islands, City of Barcelona, ​​Tarragona Province, Community of Aragon, Catalonia and the International Community).

The Circle is the only one of them, according to its statutes, has an international dimension.

This projection is reflected in Partnership Agreements to date, our organization has signed Giants Groups (with its distinctive characteristics) of: the southern regions of Catalonia, The Community of Aragon, Balearic Islands, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Chile, Puerto Rico, The Democratic Republic of Congo, the Netherlands, Flanders and Brussels.

Circle also has established a network of Delegates to project the Organization: Canary Islands, Madrid, Comunidad de Galicia, Valencian Country, Germany, Portugal, France, Ecuador, Brazil, United States, Uruguay, Colombia, Argentina and to the Governing Bodies of the European Economic Community based in Belgium.


The giants of Barcelona (Spain) in a poster of the festival of La Merce 1955.



Redondela (Spain).

Figures "gods" of Hopi and Zuni tribes (State of New Mexico - United States).

Giants of the Corpus of Valencia (Spain).