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Solicitante de Estados Unidos - Arizona Desea intercambio con Argentina (cualquier ciudad)
Reference: 000 (example)
Fecha viaje a localidad del visitante: Agosto 2014 Idiomas de Contacto: Español - Inglés
  Observaciones: Grupo con 2 gigantes, 4 cabezudos y músicos - 30 personas aproximadamente.Aceptamos las normas descritas para intercambios en las especificaciones del CIAG.
Solicitante: Agrupación de Costa Rica Desea intercambio con grupos de Catalunya
Reference: 001
Fecha de viaje a la localidad del solicitante: Entre Agosto y Octubre de 2016 Fecha de viaje a Catalunya: Entre Agosto y Octubre de 2015
  Idioma de contacto: Español.

Information and specifications:

This service is provided to all the groups, organizations, individuals and institutions linked to the Circle, for free, according to the criteria described below and entrants agree just because you submit your application.

1. CIAG is the coordinator and moderator of this section of its website and it will be published in the requests that come from the sectors listed above, they may go to [email protected] - never published contact details of applicants since only be established in the event of a positive response to the request made. Such data should be referred to if CIAG in the petition.

2. Participants agree to mediation, advice and recommendations CIAG to get a good view of applications, being ultimately responsible for their actions and commitments Executed persons such activities.

3. Requests may be divided into one of three sections: "Exchange", "Go" or "Hosting", without discarding any other option, can specify continent, country and/or region targeted by the request and provenance thereof. (See example in the first ad). Generally in the case of trade, travel expenses and transportation of the figures are in charge of the visiting group. The stays, meals, travel and the occasional tourist visit are the responsibility of the host group, unless agreed otherwise.

4. If so desired you can specify whether you want to have the support of people and / or materials for CIAG expository activities.

5. Applicants must indicate desirable dates for activity (month - year) and the language in which they want to relate to stakeholders. The ads will be published in the language in which they are received.

6. CIAG validated by appropriate means the solvency of the request and the identity of the place, the latter being responsible for any incorrect or malicious the owner of the source IP.

7. CIAG reserves the option to cancel at any time this section of the website or restrict access.